Dining Table, Dining Chairs,Office Chairs,Coffee Table,TV Stands

Dining room furniture,Dining Chairs,Office Chairs,Dining Tables,Coffee Tables,Glass Tables,Office Desks

China Office Chair,Dining Room Chairs and Tables,Glass Coffee Tables,Dining Room Chairs

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About Us .

 Dining Table, Dining Chair,Office Chairs,Coffee Table,TV Stands

    Reduce 5% cost and improve 5% quality. How can we do that?

    NC metal and glass furniture co., ltd is located in the northern heavy industry base of China and professionally produces all kinds of metal and glass dining chair, dining table, tea table, coffee table, Office Chairs, computer desk and so on.
     Our manufactory was established in 2004.From then on, we committed ourselves to bring the best product and service to our clients with the lowest total cost . In the year of 2007, we accomplished a sale 30 million RMB. How can we do that?

    Not only are we possessed of advanced production equipment and abundant technology power, but also there are three advantages in our factory.

    Adequate labor force and designers with over ten years work experience.
    2) COST

    Lots of metal and glass large factories are nearby and we can get all of material in a low price.

    Our factory is just 60 kilometers far away from Tianjin port which is one of the big northern ports.
     About our service, we always insist on"what client considers is what we can do" .So, with high grade material and fashionable designation, we create the brand new and durable products. For the personal requirement of different customers, we will deeply think over the designation of each product; for the particular of each product, we will work at it with great care.
      Therefore, I trust the mode, quality and price of our product must make you satisfied.
      Our product, while it is popular in China, is acceptable by lots of countries and districts, including Unit states, Canada, Korea, Russia and so on.
      NC Metal And Glass Furniture Co., Ltd is aim to create and pursue perfection and integrity. We expect to bring the wonderful living to our clients in the world. 

    Our company wholesale and supplyDining Chair, Metal Chair,Dining Table, Glass Dining Table, Office Chair, Metal Dining Chair, Dining Room Set, Coffee Table, Glass Coffee Table, TV Stands,Office Chairs, Glass Computer Desk.We sincerely hope to cooperate with customers form all over the world.Please contact us to inquiry .Our email address is piggle516@163.com.


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Office Chairs,Dining Table,Dining Chair,Coffee Table,TV Stands,Dining Chair,Dining Table,Glass Dining Table,Coffee Table,Metal Dining Chair,Glass Coffee Table,Dining Room Chair,Dining Room Table,Contemporary Dining Chair,Dining Room Set,TV Stands,End Table,Tea Table, Ergonomic Office Chairs, Leather Office Chairs,China Dining Chair,China Dining Table,Modern Dining Tables,Contemporary Dining Tables,Glass Dining Room Tables,Office Chairs,Office Desks,Office Tables
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