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Metal Glass Furniture Fair

Metal Glass Furniture,Furnitures,Glass table ,glass chair,Coffee Tables,TV stands

Metal Glass Furniture Fair (April 13, 2010)

Furniture industry is clearly remember September 16 in ordinary days. Shengfang International Furniture Expo around the city was full of joy and happiness, every mall, showing buyers around the world, companies are busy at home and abroad shuttle. Carnival glass, furniture, metal base balance of nine categories of different types of furniture, 5000, so that more than 4000 customers at home and abroad to achieve fruitful results.

       According to incomplete statistics, procurement will be three days time, on-site transaction nearly 27 billion yuan, intentions orders reached 96 million yuan. Received during the exhibition visitors, 120,000 came from all walks of life.

       International Furniture Expo City, Katsuyoshi Lin, general manager told reporters that the full range of data indicate that the first successful exhibition, and a city in north China is fully capable of hosting large-scale exhibitions.

       The unique national industrial competitiveness

       According to the town party secretary of Hebei Katsuyoshi Kawasaki introduced the prince to enter the twenty-first century, Katsuyoshi furniture industry in new product design and development capabilities, skill levels, productivity, quality control, new materials, new technology research, application and promotion, or brand building, management, management, staff quality, staff training, intelligence and information gathering, etc., are all experiencing an urgent need to be addressed. At this time, the furniture industry associations, R & D center, metal furniture emerged. Successfully established these institutions in the development process to break the furniture, Katsuyoshi problems encountered, but also another leap forward for the industry came during this period and matching furniture, Katsuyoshi enterprises increased rapidly more than 1,300 years, forming a considerable scale industry group.

        In 2006, for further clustering advantages, Katsuyoshi Katsuyoshi the town also built a city International Furniture Expo Furniture Expo City, according to Chairman Wang Hung Lok, Furniture Expo City will upon completion of the in 50 million square meters, has been completed late last year, with an area 20 10,000 square meters.

       Furniture Expo "aircraft carrier" is the world's largest furniture market in the world, especially in iron and steel, wood, steel stone, glass, furniture, professional market in the Asia's largest and most product categories, the highest cost-effectiveness. International Furniture Expo City, Katsuyoshi the inquot; is the world's largest furniture market in the world, especially in iron and steel, wood, stone, glass, furniture, professional market in the Asia's largest and most catroduction products in the international advanced logistics experience, to guide the project planning and design and exhibition, trade, information, research and development, five major logistics functions, for the furniture industry, industrial, commercial and tax in mind that trade mark registration, property renovation, financial services, information services, product development, product quality testing and authentication, exhibition display, brand, trade channels, logistics services, business matching services to provide one-stop shop.

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