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Sustainable Custom Conference Table & Chairs

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Client: Comic Debris
Mission: Make us a conference table with chairs that impresses our clients and matches our brand!
Services: Custom design and fabrication. Prototyping.

Cosmic Debris needed a new conference table and eight chairs for their display room. We collaborated with them on the design, as we usually do with our clients. First we designed basic forms for the 8 chairs and the table.

chair exploded

Then we worked with the client, using illustrator files their designers gave us for the backs of the chairs and the lattice work of the table. The company had specific icons and graphics they wanted to use throughout the pieces, so we worked with them to figure out the best and most cost effective way to achieve the look they were going for.

Here Jeffrey is putting together one of the chairs in our shop. All the pieces for the chairs are made of sustainably harvested Maple Apple-Ply and finished with water based low-VOC stain and finish.

custom CNC chair

Here are two of the final chairs:

Jeffrey tries out one of the chairs. Pretty comfy eh?

The large conference table was an especially creative process. The client wanted a way to have a carved look all the way down the legs, and still have the table come in within budget and have structural integrity. To solve this wonderful problem we cut a lattice like pattern out of a 1/4″ sustainable Maple,

CNC lattice

then book-matched them onto the 3/4″ Maple structural legs, giving the look of a solid leg. It turned out great.

We did a similar lattice cuts on the top of the table, again using 1/4″ sustainable Maple, and again working with the designers from Cosmic Debris. Here is the lattice piece just after being cut on our CNC router table:

CNC lattice

and the final piece, below glass on the finished conference table.

While talking with the client, we came up with the idea to use a piece of sanded acrylic to really pop the lattice work and center piece. It makes for a very dramatic look, and the lattice work really stands out.

Here is everything together in the Cosmic Debris meeting room.

Spookyness may now ensue.


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